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22-GR12   #12 Brass Grommets 12 Pack
22-GL12-S-C   #12 Grommet Cutting and Setting Dies
22-GR15   #15 Brass Grommets 12 Pack
22-GL15-S-C   #15 Grommet Cutting and Setting Dies
22-GL18-S-C   #18 Grommet Cutting and Setting Dies
22-GL20-S-C   #20 Grommet Cutting and Setting Dies
32-BK60   #60 - 1 1/2" Cover Button Kits
32-BK75   #75 - 1 3/4" Cover Button Kits
11-MK15   1 1/2" Dual Blade Marking Knife
22-GP10   1 3/8" #10 Round Plastic Grommet
22-GP15   1 7/8" #15 Round Plastic Grommet
1-BTFC1   1" Double Rock Foam Circle Cutter
1-BTFC1.25   1.25" Double Rock Foam Circle Cutter
22-LC14C-11   1.4mm Shade Lift Cord - 6 Colors
1-BTFC1.5   1.5" Double Rock Foam Circle Cutter
22-LC18C-11   1.8 mm Roman Shade Lift Cord
15-WC215   1/4" Washable Welt Cord 15 Yds
15-WC2275   1/4" Washable Welt Cord 275 Yds
22-ST16-TPK   1000 Nickel Rings
29-PillowCD-1   1001 Pillow Designs #1 CD
30-PillowCD-1   1001 Pillow Designs #1 CD
29-PillowCD-2   1001 Pillow Designs #2 CD
30-PillowCD-2   1001 Pillow Designs #2 CD
11-112   12 Inch True Angle Tool - Protractor
25-TEMSET   12 Valance Templates & Instructional DVD
7-AVK12   12" Avalon Cornice Kit - Free Shipping
W012CO48   12" Cosmopolitan Kit
11-HR12   12" Stainless Steel Hook Rule
22-DT8   120 inch Flat Tape Measure
7-AVK15   15" Drop Avalon Cornice Kit - Free Shipping
19-151MT   151 Canvas - MasterPiece 600 yd.
19-152MT   152 Bisque - MasterPiece 600 yd.
19-153MT   153 Parchment - MasterPiece 600 yd.
19-154MT   154 Sculptor's Clay - MasterPiece 600 yd.
19-158MT   158 Moccasin - MasterPiece 600 yd.
19-159MT   159 Paint Brush - MasterPiece 600 yd.
11-16-FS   16 Inch Folding Easy Square Ruler
22-FA10-16OZ   16 OZ Bottle Rowley Trim and Fringe Adhesive
19-160MT   160 Chocolate - MasterPiece 600 yd.
11-118   18 Inch True Angle Tool - Protractor
22-TP87   18" Double Pointed Needle
19-180MT   180 Tassel - MasterPiece 600 yd.
4-RTY-4   18mm Olfa Rotary Cutter
GP20   2 3/4" Plastic Grommet
22-WC81-10   2/32 Micro Cord, 10 Yards
2-48x48   20 - 48x48 Grid Patuxent River Navel Air Station
11-123   23 Inch True Angle Tool - Protractor
11-24-FS   24 Inch Folding Square Ruler
23-STS2M   24" Medium Duty Lift Sheet System
5-25-75PILLOW   25/75 Down and Feather Pillows
23-FW-D362012A   36" Fashion Wand for Exposed Cord Lock
23-STS3H   36" Heavy Duty Lift Sheet System
23-STS3M   36" Medium Duty Lift Sheet System
22-BXA44   4 " Heavy Duty Iron On Buckram
12-4MPB   4 Inch Magnetic Pin Bowl
22-DP44LN   4 Prong Long Neck Hooks
22-DP44SN   4 Prong Short Neck Drapery Hook Pkg 10
22-BXS44   4" Heavy Duty Sew On Buckram
22-WC85-10   4/32 Micro Cord, 10 Yards
23-FW-D422012A   42" Fashion Wand for Exposed Cord Lock
23-STS4H   48" Heavy Duty Lift Sheet System
23-STS4M   48" Medium Duty Lift Sheet System
14-5YD-VP   5 Yard Variety Pack Craft & Hobby
15-WC115   5/32" Washable Welt Cord 15 Yds
15-WC1275   5/32" Washable Welt Cord 275 Yds
12-HF6-MPB   6 Inch Magnetic Pin Bowl
11-106   6 Inch True Angle Tool - Protractor
11-HR06   6" Stainless Steel Hook Rule
4-RTY-3   60mm Olfa Rotary Cutter
23-STS6H   72" Heavy Duty Band Lift Sheet System
22-GPS10   8 - 1 3/8" #10 Square Plastic Grommet
22-GPS15   8 - 1 7/8" #15 Square Plastic Grommet
22-GPT15   8 - 1 7/8" #15 Triangle Plastic Grommet
22-GPT10   8 -1 3/8" #10 Triangle Plastic Grommet
W09CO48   9" Cosmopolitan Kit
7-AVK-9   9" Drop Avalon Cornice Kit - Free Shipping
42-37372B   AC Adapter, 4.0V 400mA - (US Adapter)
11-FCT14   Adjustable Fussy Cut Template -4 Pieces
11-ALE 10   Adjustable Lip Edge 10"
11-ALE14   Adjustable Lip Edge 14"
4-IJ951   Alpine Army Table Collection
4-93-3525   Amy Butler Field Bag and Tote Pattern
4-93-2375   Amy Butler High Street Messenger Bag
4-93-6203   Amy Butler Laptop Cover Pattern
4-93-494   Amy Butler Madison Bag Pattern
22-FM100   AriA Ball Finial
22-FM300   Aria Ball Hold Back
22-FM312A   Aria Batons
22-FM284   AriA Drapery Pole
22-FM201   Aria Drapery Ring with Clip
22-FM101   Aria Elegant Egg Finial
22-FM302-   Aria Metal Cylinder Hold Back
22-FM104   AriA Plain End Cap
22-FM200   Aria Ring with Eyelet
22-FM202   Aria Ring with Eyelet
22-FM203   Aria Ring with Eyelet
22-FM1281   AriA Telescoping Drapery Pole
22-FM102   Aria Trumpet Finial
22-FM400   AriaTurned Bracket
7-AV-9B   Avalon Bay Window Cornice Kit
7-AV-1Corner   Avalon Corner Window Cornice Kit
7-AV9-EK   Avalon Cornice Extension Kit - Free Shipping
4-W0760   Bake me I'm yours...Christmas
39-FN514   Baked With Love
4-IJ974CR   Banded Baskets by Indygo Junction
25-TEM03   Bell Valance Template
4-7992A   Bendable Bright Light
4-CL464-06   Bias Tape Maker for Quilting and Home Decor Projects
22-FM106   Bird Cage Finial
22-PA40-3   Black Cambric, 3 YDS
20-5513BK   Black Grommet Rings for Grommet Tape
36-BKJ-4   Black Jute Webbing - Upholstery & Crafts
34-CXF1355   Black Metail 3 Tier Wall Basket
36-BLJ-4   Blue Jute Webbing - Craft & Upholstery
4-IJ809   Boxy Backpak
7-BRK   Brackets for Avalon Cornice Kits
4-B7795   Brass Stiletto
22-BN38-6   Buckram, Iron On, 4" Wide
22-DP26   Butterfly Drapery Hooks
22-STW33   Cartridge Pleat Tape
4-IJ966   Casserole Carry-All by Indygo Junction
39-2GDG134   Cast Iron Sewing Machine
4-CL4712   Chaco Liner Pen in Five Colors
4-CL4712-R   Chaco Liner Pen Refils in Five Colors
25-CBD   Cheaper By The Dozen CD
4-CW974   Christmas Candy Ornaments
11-CM13   Circle Maker 13"- 4"to 24"
11-CM24   Circle Maker 24"- 4" to 44"
11-CM36   Circle Maker 36"- 4" to 68"
11-CM48   Circle Maker 48"- 4" to 94"
11-CM60   Circle Maker 60"- 4" to 118"
11-CM72   Circle Maker 72" - 4" to 140"
11-CW10   Circle Wedge 10 Degree
11-CW12   Circle Wedge 12 degree
11-CW15   Circle Wedge 15 Degree
11-CW18   Circle Wedge 18 degree
11-CW20   Circle Wedge 20 degree
11-CW225   Circle Wedge 22.5 degree
11-CW24   Circle Wedge 24 degree
11-CW30   Circle Wedge 30 degree
11-CW36   Circle Wedge 36 degree
11-CW40   Circle Wedge 40 degree
11-CW45   Circle Wedge 45 degree
11-CW60   Circle Wedge 60 degree
11-CW9   Circle Wedge 9 Degree
22-PF6   Circular Template 18"-73"
22-PF7   Circular Template 72"-144"
25-TEM06   Circular Valance Template
31-CS   Classic Sateen Lining - 3 Yard Minimum
22-FM107   Clear Blown Glass Ball Finial
22-FM108   Clear Glass Crackle Ball Finial
22-TT31-36   Clip N Wave Tape
22-SC30-K   Cord Cleat With Screws
22-CT25   Cord Condenser, Pkg 2 Pcs
22-CT37   Cord Drop Tassel, Pkg 2 Pcs
22-CL19   Cord Idler Pulley
1-HDCBC1   Cornice Board Pattern Collection 1
1-HDCBC2   Cornice Board Pattern Collection 2
14-20-Wire   Craft & Hobby 20 Gauge Wire
14-25-Wire   Craft & Hobby Shaper Wire 1/4 inch wide
14-Tape-1-2   Craft & Hobby Tape 1/2" Wide x 30 Yards
14-Tape-1-4   Craft & Hobby Tape 1/4" Wide x 30 Yards
14-Tape-1-8   Craft & Hobby Tape 1/8" Wide x 30 Yards
14-Tape-3-4   Craft & Hobby Tape 3/4" Wide x 30 Yards
14-Tape-3-8   Craft & Hobby Tape 3/8" Wide x 30 Yards
4-7550-2   Crafters Image Photo Fabric for Inkjets
4-DO3483   Crazy Quilt Christmas Stockings
22-DU20   Crib Size Baby Duvet
4-IJ997CR   Crossroads Pumpkin Trio
22-TP75-R   Curved Upholstery Needles
5-MF-Zip5   Cushion Zipper #5
5-MF-Pulls100   Cushion Zipper #5 Pulls Pack 100
24-CST   Custom Soft Treatments
4-45356   Decorating Sewlutions
44-12038A   Decorative Tags Set of 6
44-13289A-C   Decorative Wood Cross
44-13289A-W   Decorative Wood Cross
22-STW36   Deep Pinch Pleat Tape
11-QSR125   Designer Series 12.5" x 12.5" Reverse-A-Rule
11-QSR25   Designer Series 2.5" x 2.5" Reverse-A-Rule
11-QSR35   Designer Series 3.5" x 3.5" Reverse-A-Rule
11-QSR45   Designer Series 4.5" x 4.5" Reverse-A-Rule
11-QSR65   Designer Series 6.5" x 6.5" Reverse-A-Rule
11-QSR95   Designer Series 9.5" x 9.5" Reverse-A-Rule
1-HDBNC1   DIY Bench Pattern
22-GSP12-1   DIY Grommet Setter, #12, PLASTIC
39-FN512   Don't Open Until 25th
4-CL462NV   Double Needle Threader
1-SSET   Double Rock Stable Set
1-SRS   Double Rock Staple Remover
1-WEBST   Double Rock Webbing Stretcher
22-STW40   Double Smocking Drapery Tape
22-DP54   Drapery Heavy Duty Pins
22-DYC1   Drapery Yardage Calculator
18-REL787   Dreamstitcher 2/3/4 Thread Serger
22-DYC5   Dust Board Hinge Plate Protractor
4-ST1125   E-Book Jacket

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